DIET PILLS ぴんく中毒17さい
diary entries

hi I am Ribbon,
Blood type is B type !! My hobby is shopping ( ⊃∀ `)ノ Special skill is to generate static electricity (lol (There are also seeds and tricks ) Favorite food is Kiri strawberry cheese !Nice to meet you, everyone i love bears and pink ♪ I will turn 17 and be a high school senior after this summer I want to make a blog that will give you energy because it is energetic and bright ♪ I'm addicted to collecting perfumes lately , Is there anything you are addicted to ? From now on, like me

i am going to list foods that you are allowed to eat and this is how to lose weight. I am trying to diet so please praise me. The method to lose weight is to control your hunger and to do so, you need to be filled for the whole day with healthy food and almond milk.
OMAD only : a whole bag of chips, make sure to clean your lips and drink a lot of water, daddys food such as zalook or kefta, full box of dumplimgs with spices/sauted noodles, fried noodles, spaghies/sketties, cheesy scalloped potatoes, chilled noodles, grilled meat,fried egg rice, shawarma chicken anything oily and not home made
BREAKFAST (have a breakfast + one option from lunch or dinner): chocolate cow milk, chocolate almond milk, fruit purée, one chocolate bar, greek yogurt with fruits or muesli
LUNCH/DINNER (you can cook these or order them and choose only one option from this category): cabbage pancakes, stir fry vegetables, fried eggs with toppings as scallions or cherry tomatoes, vegetables omelette and a splach of ketchup or soy sauce, tomatoes salad and sauce, spicy corn soup, spaghies with chicken broth and tomatoes and pepper flakes, steamed cabbage and carrots salad, coleslaw + lean meat, karaage + green salad, curry chicken + zucchinis,butter tofu and pepper curry, chicken pot pie ramen with vegetables as peas and carrots, pad thai, rice with corn or peas, spinach salad, carrot curry, roasted/steamed broccoli + fish cake, black bean soup + a little bit of cheese, mini hamburg + BBQ sauce or ketchup + VEGETABLES, tsukemen, mazesoba, vegetable soup + lean mean with seasoning, egg soup, taco rice
FULL MENUS: apple + carrots, diet rice with beans, protein juice/almond milk, lettuce wrap with 150g tenderloin steak and for the sauce you can have ssamjang in a small quantity + some tofu, fried sweet pumpkin, chicken breast, red chili-pepper paste with vinegar, squash and sesame leaf (wrap it around the meat and add the sauces and pastes). - 2nd menu : almond milk + cabbage quesadilla from the Moonykitchen channel + hard boiled/soft boiled eggs, carrots and greek yogurt with blueberries and a bit of honey. - 3rd menu : Greek yogurt with muesli, honey and blueberries + tomato and onion omelette with a bit of soy sauce, spaghies with broth, tomatoes and spinach, scallots. - 4th menu : hot chocolate (cow milk) + eggplant omelette with scallions + stir fried vegetables

i need to know where to get birth control pills because I heart it has hormones that increase your breast size. when taking a half-body bath, it semms to be effective to hold the chest with one hand and turn it about 30 times with the lymph massa on the side. Only soy milk is available because there is no other person to massage hahah
this is a picture of me ♥
Declared to be a ganguro gal. What is the first thing to do? Start by stretching the hair. Because I can't put on hair extensions very short now. The first thing to start to become a ganguro gal is to grow your hair. Currently, it is too short to put on extensions, so I stretch my hair up to my shoulders. Then bleach it to silver and add the same color extension. Then remove the whole body, bleach when the hair grows, and add hair extensions.Next is nail art. Both the hand and the foot, the hand has a long scalp. Do something flashy with both hands and feet and wear gal clothes.Of course, shoes too. Then go to the tanning booths to get tanned skin and then open the piercings. After that, if you do make-up and colored contact lenses,it will look like. It may be necessary to become a ganguro gal. As with money, it is growing because the hair is short. You also need to go to an ophthalmologist to put on colored contact lenses.The minimum cost should be 300,000 a month.Nail requires 50,000 hands and feet, 50,000 extensions, 100,000 sunbeds, and 100,000 clothes and accessory bleach. This is only the cost of becoming a ganguro gal.A total of 500,000 is required for plus living expenses. Pretty tight ! ! In order to earn this amount, you need to earn on blogs and SNS, but there are not enough followers at all. It's difficult right away. Still become a ganguro gal. Ganguro Gal is the best, it is a condition of a gal that the current gal looks like she wants to be. Color contacts are essential to becoming a ganguro gal. If you would like to be with me in Ganguro Gal, please leave a comment. Gender of men and women does not matter. Applicable to those between the ages of 16 and 30. I would be grateful if you could comment. I will meet the person who made a comment individually. I will give you the contact information at that time. I am grateful for the prefectures near.
It's quite difficult to find out what you like. Now I want to have flashy hair. By the way, I'm wearing an extension mesh, but I'm full of anxiety about what my family will say. I wanted to be a gal because I was so worried about it. I'm obsessed with flashy things, but I think it's close to my essence. There are many people who can't stick to their own way of life. I think that the way of life of gals now is the embodiment of that. I know how difficult it is. That's why I wanted to yearn for a gal. All you need to do to become a ganguro gal is to go to a tanning salon on your nails to tan your skin and give it a flashy hair color. I already was born with brown skin. In addition, I sometimes wear gal clothes and wear colored contact. This is a picture of me .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*

Currently, ganguro gals are in danger of extinction. In the first place, ganguro gals became popular in the latter half of the 90's. It is thought that this is due to the fashion of eggs which is the representative of gal magazines. Also, we must not forget the existence of Namie Amuro as a charismatic existence. Characteristically, he wore a castle, orange hair, and a brand called Alba Rosa on his black skin. Ganguro gals begin to be pushed by the existence of white gals. This is because whitening consciousness has sprung up in women in the world. Although it revived as a mamba in the early 0's, the gal culture itself gradually declined due to the rise of the Korean idol boom. Currently, a gal circle called Black Diamond is working to revive the ganguro gal culture, but it may not be very effective.FInd them on Twitter and the members weren't active since around 2014. Personally, I really hope that the Ganguro gal culture will be revived. There are many Japanese people who are swept away while saying that they value their individuality, but the current ganguro gals value their individuality unlike the former ganguro gals. I am obedient to my feelings. I personally want to be that way, but many people are worried that they can't.

Today was my birthday and I turned 17, I have trouble writing this because I'm wearing long fake nails. I got a new phone and the Thank You Next perfume, it smells very normal!! I went to the restaurant with my mom and my brother